Consigning at Rare Bird is EASY! 

Please note: Items highlighted in RED are new policies.

We are accepting. . .
  • Women’s and junior’s clothing as well as accessories such as scarves, hats, purses, and shoes. We look for high quality pieces that are special and current (purchased new within the last three years) and have been very gently used. We also consign fine and artisan jewelry--please no costume jewelry. We consign seasonally--spring begins February 1, summer begins May 1, fall August 1, and winter October 1.
  • Furniture and Home Décor in excellent condition and currently in-style and trendy. We take gently-loved linens, lamps in working condition, and holiday décor.

How to prepare your items. . .

Taking a little extra time preparing your items for consignment, will be worth its weight in gold--in your pocket. Please realize if an item is too [worn, outdated, soiled, damaged] for you to keep,
then we certainly cannot sell it. 
Please use this checklist when preparing your items for consignment:

  • Clothing and accessories must be laundered or cleaned thoroughly. Wipe down shoes and purses inside and out. If either are washable, run them through a gentle cycle. Please make sure all your items are free of odors and pet hair. Consignments that are brought to us clean and ready to wear will be moved to the top of our input list! 
  • Please limit the number of items to 20 per appointment--a manageable number for you to prepare and for us to get priced and out on the sales floor.
  • Items should be put on hangers that you do not need returned. We provide hangers here for you to take. It helps to rubber band your hangers together. Please label each bundle with your name and consignor number.
  • Shoes and accessories may be placed in bags or boxes.  Again, write your name and consignor number on each bag/box.
  • Furniture and Home Décor must be thoroughly cleaned and in excellent condition. Upholstered furniture must be vacuumed and free of smoke, pet odors, stains and damage. Wood furniture must clean and free of scratches and water spots.  We have a 20 item limit for furniture and home décor as well, but a set counts as one item, ie, a set of napkins. Please bring items in boxes or bins.
Make an appointment. . .
Consignments are accepted by appointment only through online scheduling. We don't have a huge staff, so we must limit the number of consignments we have coming in each week.